This is YogaQuest!

YogaQuest has been creatively engaging with the geek community in inclusive, body positive ways since 2011. Join us for yoga like you've never experienced it before! From narrated classes that mix fandom and fitness, to fun, casual takes on traditional yoga practice. YogaQuest has a class for you!

The Original YogaQuest class is unlike any yoga class you may have experienced before! It is a unique blend of yoga and fan-fiction story-telling.

Your quest is guided by a narrator and a certified yoga instructor, as the class embarks on an epic, and often ridiculous, journey through a popular fandom. Move through the story by following a yoga routine designed to improve strength, balance, and flexibility. Pose nerdy with us!

Justine “JustiniYogini” Mastin is proud to be the creator and fearless leader of YogaQuest.

Justine completed Corepower Yoga’s Teacher Training Levels 1 & 2 in 2010. That same year, she completed Street Yoga Teacher Training, a style of yoga for working with underserved populations. Justine is currently working on her Yoga for All certification to make her teaching even more inclusive. In 2011, Justine created YogaQuest as a way to encourage geeks to get moving and to show people that yoga doesn’t have to be quiet and contemplative – it can be just as weird as you are. She continues to expand her knowledge of yoga and geekery on a daily basis.

Justine also has a master’s degree in Addiction Counseling and a post-master’s certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy and runs a private therapy practice called Blue Box Counseling.

Jenny Milos - Warrior Princess, YogaQuest scriptwriter & narrator, yoga instructor.  The cracked mind from which the amusement flows.

Jenny completed her 200 hour yoga instructor certification through Curvy Yoga in Nashville in October 2014. She has been our scriptwriter since August 2011.  She first came to YogaQuest out of curiosity, but stayed because it felt like home.  Jenny is a tireless cheerleader for YogaQuest’s vision: that people of any shape, size, fitness level, or yoga experience can be welcomed and respected, and that yoga can be an exercise in creativity and silliness.  Her scripts are the product of decades of immersion in geeky interests, including a life-long love of reading, creative writing, and role-playing games.When she isn’t writing scripts or fighting ancient gods, warlords, and kings, Jenny provides IT support to a local business.  She is, in many respects, a standard nerd.

Katie Kohlbeck - Yoga Teacher, Dachshund Photographer.

Katie's yoga practice began in the early 2000s as a teenager. Equipped only with a VHS tape and her parent's permission to take over the living room, she started to find relief from stress and tools for managing anxiety. What started as an asana practice, turned into curiosity about what else yoga could teach her. In 2013, Katie completed 200 hour yoga teacher training with Awakened Life School of Yoga in Bali and is currently registered with Yoga Alliance. Since then she has graduated from Mind Body Solutions' Opening Yoga to Everyone training program as well as training modules on restorative and yin yoga practices, and yoga for anxiety and depression. Aside from yoga, Katie finds enjoyment in journal writing, tending to her tiny urban garden, travel, good comedy movies, and hanging with her mini-dachshund, Doug (and taking many pictures of him).

Kris Anne Regeth - DJ, Unicorn Trainer, Responsible Adult.

An indispensable member of the YogaQuest family since 2012, Kris Anne brings much-needed pragmatism and responsible adulting to the executive team. Between organizing our convention appearances and class schedule, and coordinating a variety of member and community events, she keeps us on track (and hopping!). In addition to all that, she curates fandom-inspired playlists, and manages our Tumblr blog with humor and grace.Kris Anne is a big-time comic book nerd, Louise Belcher cosplayer, and lover of kale. She loves that YogaQuest provides a safe space for her yoga practice, and an accepting environment in which she can move her body and feel free to be a weirdsmobile. Because it has meant so much to her, she is dedicated to bringing YogaQuest to more people, and sharing its message of radical acceptance.

Alison White – Legal Beagle, #thisbuckybarnes.

Most of the intelligence community doesn’t believe she exists. Those that do call her the Winter Soldier. #thisbuckybarnes has been an important member of the YogaQuest crew and executive team since 2014.

Artist-in-residence, photographer, videographer, and Ultimate Authority on all things Marvel, Ali provides our team with technical skills, artistic vision, and an intense passion for Steve Rogers.

Melissa Swanson – Angel of Design, #bees?

While I don’t do much yoga (because I am one of those addicted distance trail runners and spend most of my spare time in the woods), YQ is the only yoga studio I would ever go to. YQ makes yoga fun, even for the normally yoga phobic. The energy, spirit and people of YQ make it an important, valuable jewel in the Twin Cities fitness world and there is nothing else like it. I passionately, enthusiastically support YQ’s inclusiveness, desire to make the world a better place and promote wellness and body acceptance. I think the open, warm and compassionate safe space YQ has built in the geek community is so important and want to get as many folks involved as possible. I am a big nerd, GISHWHES survivor, and SPN cosplayer (yay for angel wings!) with a really serious Misha problem. 99 problems. All of them Misha.