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Geek Slink: Beginner Level (D-six)

Geek Slink is a unique Belly Dance class with a focus on fun, fusion, and fitness.  It is NOT meant to be a big scary intimidating class.  Quite the contrary! It is meant to be a welcoming and safe space environment for anyone interested in Belly Dance!  Whether you are new to dance or an experienced dancer, we have an option for you.  We welcome all genders, ages, and body types.  Many people find studying in a studio or professional space to be scary or intimidating, but YogaQuest is a fun and unique space to learn.  The studio is large, comfortable, and housed in a lovely wellness building that is quiet and private.  There are no windows, no distractions. Just you, the fun of class, and some sweat induced fun.  We love when new members join us!

*Please note, YogaQuest passes are not accepted at Geek Slink classes.  Likewise, YogaQuest will not accept Geek Slink passes!