Next Yogiography™ training for yoga teachers is:

November 4&5, 2017; 1p-5p both days

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Go beyond simply creating a theme for your classes and begin to weave a story using the language of your students creating connection and depth.

In this 8-hour workshop, we will explore the power of stories as part of our shared humanity and how to integrate stories into your teaching to engage your students on a deeper level.

More information on the Yogiography™ technique:

“May the Force be with you.” Would you ever consider ending a class with this quote? For some, these words resonate on a much deeper level than “namaste,” enabling them to tap into cultural, as well as a personal, experiences. By knowing your audience and changing your language to match your students’ experience, you strengthen the bond with your student. This re-languaging allows your student to realize that there is a place for them in yoga. Whether ancient archetypes or modern myths, narratives are a powerful link both between and within people.

Join Justine Mastin, MA, LMFT, LADC, E-RYT 200 (aka JustiniYogini) to explore the narratives that resonate for your students. Learn how to expertly intertwine narrative with your yoga teaching. Pulling predominantly from the modern mythologies of pop culture, Mastin discusses ways to choose language authentic to your students. By using your students’ narratives in class, you invite them to view yoga as a seamless integration of their lives. Learn to speak the narrative language of your students and watch them come alive!